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Ello lovelies!
I'm Yari, a college student, a dreamer, a writer, an artist (if only to myself).
I love Harry Potter, unicorns, tea, pastels, baking, sewing, knitting...
I believe in following one's dreams, reading way past my bedtime, the Oxford comma, and chasing butterflies.

Expect this to be very non-sequitur



There have been calls to officially organize this. LET’S DO IT.

We need to find a date to get #stoporci2014 trending on twitter, but first we need to collect all the tumblr/twitter accounts that want to do this.

One person obviously can’t…


Prepare yourselves for a lil Star Trek spam, guys, basically there’s some real shit going down in the Star Trek fandom in the form of Bob Orci.

Bob Orci is a screenwriter commonly associated with Alex Kurtzman and JJ Abrams, and is notorious for being a real A-hole to fans. Like,…



what if the new animal species we discover each year are actually being dropped off by aliens? like they have an over abundance of yeti crabs or something and so they brought some to earth because they knew we’d get a kick out of this


This is the cutest conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard

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"Please, stop talking": A Masterpost.


A collection of quotes from men in the reboot Star Trek creative team, that will most likely make you cringe.

Read More

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petition for someone who actually likes star trek to direct the next movie

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Officially starting a twitter hashtag if someone hasn’t already


Guys c’mon let’s do this


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